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Nasir Khan

Litigation Lawyer - Helping victims of fraud recover money & obtain justice in High Court & Criminal Prosecutions at Cubism Law

London, United Kingdom

About Me

A fraud specialist who helps banks, investors and suppliers recover their money. In addition I help clients pursue fraudsters by way of private criminal prosecutions in the Crown Court. 

► Add me via LinkedIn and/or contact me at Nasir.khan@cubismlaw.com ◄

How to recover money from a fraudster? 

This usually involves a High Court cases. I have successfully recovered millions of pounds on behalf of my clients. I have pursued High Court cases against several fraudsters as well as persistent debtors. 

How to obtain Justice? 

Many frauds go unpunished because the Police and Crown Prosecution Service are under-resourced and over-stretched. 

In the UK, victims of frauds do not have to rely upon the Police and the CPS, they are able to hire their own lawyer and advance a criminal prosecution in the Crown Court against the fraudster. This is a very important constitutional right reserved for all victims of crime. 

Bringing a criminal action is sometimes the only avenue left for victims. Sometimes the money has gone. Just because the money no longer exists, it does not mean that the fraudster should be allowed to get away with his crimes. The maximum prison sentence under the Fraud Act is 10 years. 

Fraudsters often to not respect a Judgment from the High Court. They move their money abroad and invest in assets which are held in the names of others (family and friends). They do this with the specific intent to make it difficult to trace and seize their assets. Criminals respect the force of the state: arrest, prosecution, imprisonment. 

I have pursued directors of companies to make them personally liable. 

☛ How can I help you? Have you been the victim of a fraud? If so, please contact me on nasir.khan@cubismlaw.com 

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